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On 13.06.2007 Israel sealed off the borders to Gaza completely. It retains full control over all entrances and exits (land, air, sea). It also controls the amount of food, medical supplies, fuel, in addition to everything else to enter Gaza. Since then, Israel had only allowed a very limited amount of essentials to enter the Strip, which is no way near enough to cover the needs of the one and a half million Palestinians held as hostages by the Zionist entity. According to various international and human rights organizations these one and a half million Palestinians suffer from a sharp shortage of food, medical supplies and fuel. The situation got worse with the Israeli war on Gaza last year during which the Israeli army attacked the besieged unarmed civilian population of Gaza and committed war crimes that resulted in the murder of over 1400 Palestinians and wounding thousands, many of whom are handicapped for life. Also Patients, especially cancer & kidney patients, need permits to get the necessary treatment outside the Gaza Strip, but Israel often refuses the patients such permits. Till today, 368 Palestinians have died as a direct result of the Israeli siege. The latest victim being Maisara Husam Mousa, 3 yers old, who died on 11.01.2010.

Israel has also limited shipments of vital supplies to Gaza, including medicine and medical equipment, making Gaza hospitals underequipped and not in a position to handle severe cases. Many essential drugs and medical supplies have run out, and many patients have had their treatment stopped because of the lack of needed medicines. Also, the scarcity of fuel affects the functioning of intensive care units, refrigerators and other medical equipments. Many severe cases can only be treated outside the Strip, for which patients are forced to apply to the Israeli army for a travel permit. Sometimes families apply several times for permits with no success. Human rights organizations report that Palestinian patients are summoned to the Erez crossing and are interrogated by Israeli security services who blackmail them by demanding information on their relatives, neighbours and acquaintances in return for the much needed permits. Upon refusal, many are prevented from leaving Gaza. Other patients were arrested after being summoned to Erez to get their permits. Some patients who were lucky enough o get the needed permits were turned back or delayed at the crossing and died.

The Zionist entity, as primary perpetrator, together with its accomplices in crime: the government of Egypt and the PNA, are holding one and a half million Palestinians as hostages. They are collectively responsible for besieging the residents of Gaza and should be tried for the murder of every single Palestinian who dies due to this on-going inhumane and criminal siege, which together with all the other Zionist war crimes amounts to yet another war crime against the Palestinian people and against humanity.

To date, 368 Palestinian patients have died due to the siege, including 113 children. During one single month, March 2009, 21 Palestinian patients died including 5 children and 6 women. On 08.08.08, 6 patients died within 24 hours due to the siege on Gaza. The Palestinian Ministry of Health lists some 400 patients who died as a result of the Israeli siege on Gaza.

Name Age Address Disease Date of death
Mohammed El-Sayed Juneid 60 Jabalya kidney failure 08/08/08
Ebrahim Jaber El-Ghoul 60 Gaza incurable disease 08/08/08
Ahmed Abu Amsha 15 Beit-Hanoun heart disease\diabetes 10/08/08
Ruba Tareq Abu Hashem 10 Rafah no medicine available 11/08/08
Ali El-Dahdouh 27 Gaza heart disease 14/08/08
Ramadan Ali El-Ghalayeeni 42 Gaza kidney 16/08/08
Mohammed Deeb El-Soultan 55 Jabalya liver cancer 20/08/08
Salama Ebrahim Husein Abu Yousef 69 Gaza bladder Cancer 21/08/08
Al-Moutasem Bellah Mohammed Jundeya 2 Gaza cerebral palsy 21/08/08
Mohammed Zeidan Qeshta 22/08/08
Mohammed Alaa El-Sarhi 5 Gaza heart disease 01/09/08
Husein Abu Jazar 72 Rafah kidney failure 02/09/08
Sharif Samir Abu Sweireh 23 El-Zwayda cancer 02/09/08
Salman Hasan Mansour 70 Gaza cancer 02/09/08
Mohammed Hasouna 24 Gaza cancer 06/09/08
Ahmed Shweideh 51 Gaza leukemia 01/10/08
Mahmoud El-Shaer 22 Khan-Younis suffocation 03/10/08
Mohammed Hamad Abu Taha 22 Rafah kidney failure 05/10/08
Abdul Rahman Mohammed Mtouq 80 Jabalya kidney failure 08/10/08
Mohammed Msalam Abu Amr 58 Gaza cancer 09/10/08
Maryam Abdul Rahman Shehab 66 Jabalya heart disease 21/10/08
Rezq Mahmoud Khweiter 34 Gaza heart disease 22/10/08
Ahmed Khalil El-Shafei 76 Gaza kidney failure 27/10/08
Mohammed Ramzi El-Eimawi 1. Jabalya atrophy of brain 02/11/08
Oday Saleh Abdul Aal 7 Rafah heart and lungs 08/11/08
Sumoud Mohammad Okashah 17 Gaza Defect in Platelet 09/11/08
Ameen Mohammed Fayyadh 28 Beit Lahya leukemia 09/11/08
Abdul Rahman Hani Khzeiq 10 Gaza atrophy of brain 10/11/08
Watfa Hamdan El-Sofi 63 Rafah cancer 13/11/08
Esayed Abu Jleidan 45 Rafah heart disease 21/11/08
Kareema Zoheir Abu Dalal 35 Nuseirat cancer 27/11/08
Saleh Kamel Abu Shanab 52 Gaza cancer 01/12/08
Reyad Mohammed Abu Ataya 50 Rafah cancer 01/12/08
Ahmed Mohammed El-Zrei 54 Deir El-Balah stroke 03/12/08
Dawlat Abdul Fatah Mhanna 52 Jabalya colon cancer 03/12/08
Mohammad Nasir Al-Ja‘l 25 Gaza cancer 04.12.08
Khamis Ateyah Alloush 48 Khan-Younis heart disease 14/12/08
Hana Abu Jame’ 30 Khan-Younis incurable disease 15/12/08
Aysha Mousa Sehweil 65 Beit Lahya bleeding in brain 15/12/08
Mohammed Mahmoud Saad 40 Gaza cancer 16/12/08
Adnan Mohammed El-Qedrah 55 Gaza cancer 17/12/08
Mohammed Ahmed Abu Shbeika 45 Rafah incurable disease 17/12/08
Abdallah Abu Hweishel 40 Gaza cancer 18.12.08
Mohammed Mustafa Abu Warda 4 Jabalya incurable disease 19/12/08
Basema Awad Allah 40 Gaza heart disease 20/12/08
Sumaya El-Said Mayat 40 Gaza cancer 20/12/08
Salem Abu Kalloub 3 Gaza diabetes 12/01/09
Maher El-Sheikh 18 Gaza cancer 15/01/09
Hassan Ali Salem 57 Jabalya Heart disease 16/01/09
Mohammed Shdi El-Bahri 1 Beit Lahya incurable disease 09/02/09
Ibraheem Khalil Safi 43 Gaza Cancer 09/02/09
Rawan Abu Tabaq 5 Jabalya burns 09/02/09
Hasan Abu Tabaq 17 Jabalya inflammation in brain 09/02/09
Jamal Othman Abu Salem 39 Jabalya heart disease 10/02/09
Layla Mohammed El-Masri 67 Beit Lahya arteries occlusion 14/02/09
Hasan Ahmed El-Talalqa 75 Khan-Younis heart disease 15/02/09
Shadi Abdel-Karim Helles 31 Gaza Cancer 18/02/09
Saeed Ali Abu Jazar 65 Rafah Incurable disease 20/02/09
Mansour Al-Qreinawi 25 Maghazi Incurable disease 22.02.09
Mohammed Faraj Hejjo 25 Gaza Incurable disease 22/02/09
Mohammed Sha‘ban Salem 28 Beit Lahya Incurable disease 23/02/09
Hussam Mohammad Helles 30 Gaza Heart disease 24/02/09
Mohammad Ghandi Al-Batran 4 Gaza Heart disease 02.03.09
Manar Hasan Abu-Rgila 21 Khan-Younis stroke 03/03/09
‚Ala‘ Ali Mansour 18 Rafah Heart disease 03/03/09
Wa’il Abdel-Qader ‚Qelan 32 Gaza Incurable disease 03/03/09
Ahlam Ribhi Ayyad 45 Gaza Heart disease 04/03/09
Mossa Ayyash A-Dalei 60 Gaza Cancer 07/03/09
Ayaa Abdu 18 Gaza Cancer 09/03/09
Samir Shaheen 40 Gaza Cancer 09/03/09
Emam Ibrahim Abu-Dheer 76 Rafah Heart disease 10/03/09
Fadi Samir Abu-Anaja 21 Rafah Incurable disease 10/03/09
Adham Jamal Abu-Dgeem 21 Bit-lahia Leukemia disease 11/03/09
Sojood Hani Abu-Batnin 7 Khan-Younis Heart disease 12/03/09
Bushra Mahmoud El-qeshawi 71 Gaza Stomach tumor 12/03/09
Khlil Husni Al-Ashi 65 Gaza Cancer 12/03/09
Soliman Ahmad Abu-Regela 4 Khan-Younis Hole in the heart 12/03/09
Fares Mohammad Krezim 8 Gaza Incurable disease 17/03/09
Eahab Fo‘ad Sharaf 27 Gaza Inflammation in blood 18/03/09
Dina Ad-Derini 5 Gaza Brain tumor 19/03/09
Maysar Ahmad Az-Zamili 24 Rafah Heart disease 22/03/09
Mariam Sliman Hayek 25 Gaza Incurable disease 22/03/09
Ebraheem Jihad Al-alool 19 Gaza Heart disease 22/03/09
Hayah Sliman Shekh-Khlil 46 Gaza Cancer tumor 22/03/09
Masowd Abed Attallah 71 Gaza Disease 26/03/09
Mohammed Hassan Zagoot 51 Der-Al-Balah Cancer tumor 26/03/09
Abeer Al-Agha 25 khan-Younis Burns 01/04/09
Seham Lutfi Hmeed 65 Gaza Heart Disease 06/04/09
Mohammed Sami Abu-marasa 12 Gaza Cancer 08/04/09
Mona Said Al-Batran 2 Jabalia cancer 09/04/09
Somood M. Okasha 17 Gaza Blood vessels 10/04/09
Fatema Ibrahim Husein Al-Shendi 62 Gaza Blood vessels 10/04/09
Yousif Mohammad Al-ashi 65 Gaza Incurable disease 13/04/09
Naeem Al-Ajla 58 Gaza Incurable disease 22/04/09
Jebreel Abdel-Aziz Al-Azaizza 66 Der El-Balah Kidney failure 23/04/09
Odai Samir Abu-Azoom 1m Rafah Problems in the lung 26.04.09
Rajab Khalil As-Sahhar 70 Gaza Kidney failure 26.04.09
Mohammed Nasir El-‚IJaal 25 Gaza Cancer 30/04/09
Shreen Ramadan Al-Serhy Gaza Cancer 30/04/09
Mohammad Rami Nofal 1 Gaza Heart disease 30/04/09
Mohammed R. El-Qabani 5 Al-Breij Camp vascular illness 03/05/09
Feras El-Mathloom 2 Gaza Heart disease 11/05/09
Abd-Elhameed Na’if Zo‘roub 44 Rafah brain tumor 29/05/09
Syrria Sarhan Nusirat-Zwaida incurable desease 30/05/09
Ahmed Hassan AL-Said 53 Beit-Lahia Heart disease 01/06/09
Essam Ibrahim Zo‘roub 45 Rafah Heart disease 07/06/09
Niveen Ali EL-Mograbi 21 Gaza Cancer 09/06/09
Hoda Shaat 7 Khan-Younis breakdown in blood 11/06/09
Jehad Salim Ramadan 45 Beit-Lahia Disturbances in cervical discs 11/06/09
Omar Attalah El-Shaer 42 Rafah Kidney failure 16/06/09
Kouther Mustafa Abu-Gali 50 Gaza Cancer 22/06/09
Moamen Mounir Al-Refi 13 Gaza Sharp Inflammation 25/06/09
Taha Rajab Abu-Jobal 61 Gaza incurable desease 03/07/09
Mohammed Rami Nofal 1 Khan-Younis Rupture in the heart 07/07/09
Mariam Khalid Shrafi 2 Jabalia Heart Disease 05/08/09
Menat-Allah Ali El-Bilbisy 1 North Gaza a hole in the heart 09/08/09
Dina Omer Zaqzook 7 Khan-Younis Lymphoma cancer 09/09/09
Eid Al-Abed Al-Sahbani 50 Gaza Incurable disease 10/09/09
Azzam Azmi Al-Arja 55 Gaza Incurable disease 10/09/09
Wedad Mohammad Al-Ashi 75 Gaza Kidney failure 10/09/09
Hoda Omar Qandeil 3 Gaza Leukemia 14/09/09
Abdel-Rahman Salim Sokkar 4 Gaza Liver cancer 30/09/09
Baraa Easa 7 Al Burije Camp Liver cancer 01/10/09
Tamer Al-Sakany 16 Gaza 20/10/09
Fareed Abo-Uoda 45 Beit-Hanon Town Cancer 21/10/09
Ziad Abo-Alqumboz 76 Gaza Kidney failure 25/10/09
Sha’ban Mahmoud Abu Harbid 59 Beit-Hanon Disturbances in the heart pulses 01.11.09
As’ad Ibrahim ‚Asfour 51 Khan-Younis cancer 03.11.09
Fida Talal Hijjy 19 Gaza Hodgkins disease 11.11.09
Mohammad Ashraf Bulbul 9 Gaza Severe pain in abdomen & pelvis 10.12.09
Walid Mohammad Madi 33 Gaza Pulmonary tuberculosis 14.12.09
Mahmoud Abdel-Rahman Jasir 43 Jabalia Hepatitis & heart 29.12.09
Maisara Husam Mousa 3 Gaza Congenital heart defects 11.01.10

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