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On 27.12.2008, Israel launched a premeditated wide-scale terrorist attack on the besieged, unarmed civilian population of Gaza. During this latest Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza 1419 Palestinians were killed by the IOF, including: 326 children, 111 women, 367 students, at least 15 teachers, 16 medical personnel, 21 farmers, 2 fishermen and 92 labourers. Over 5300 Palestinians were injured by the IOF attacks, including 600 who suffered permanent disability and 221 required amputations. Of the 1419 victims, 140 were killed by Israeli artillery shelling, Al-Haq reports:“473 Palestinians were killed by missiles from Israeli fighter jets, 519 from unmanned drones, 92 from Israeli military helicopters, 7 from Israel warships.” 92 Palestinians were shot dead by IOF soldiers, including 27 children. Of those shot dead “53 were shot exclusively in the upper body, 10 in the lower body, and the rest in both the upper and lower body.” (Al-Haq). According to doctors present: “the most horrific war injuries in men, women, and children of all ages in numbers too large to comprehend. The wounded, dying, and dead have streamed into the overcrowded hospital in endless convoys of ambulances and private cars, and wrapped in blankets in the caring arms of others. The endless and intense bombardment from Israeli air, ground, and naval forces have missed no targets, not even hospitals.” (

Medical personnel were shot at while trying to save lives. At least 16 Palestinian medical personnel were killed by the IOF while on duty, and 258 Palestinians died because the IOF obstructed their medical treatment. Whole neighbourhoods were declared closed military zones to which ambulances had no access, and paramedics were denied access despite receiving calls for help from residents there. According to the testimony of Kahlid Abu Sa’ada registered by PCHR: “I was driving my ambulance in Beit Lahia….when the Israelis shelled us….I was with two paramedics. The Israeli shells killed one of them.” The other was badly injured. He’s now paralyzed. “A few days ago the Israelis bombed us” while we were trying to rescue a boy. The explosion “ripped (his) head off.” The Israelis killed other ambulance drivers and paramedics by bombing and shelling them. Dr. Eysa Saleh was on duty with the Medical Security Services when a shell blew his head off in Jabaliya.” (

Names of the Palestinian martyrs killed by the Zionist entity during the Gaza genocide, 27.12.2008 – 18.01.2009:


1 Mustafa Khader Saber Abu Ghanima (16 yrs old) from Tal Al-Hawa

2 Reziq Jamal al-Haddad (21 yrs old) from Al-Sh’af

3 Ali Mohammad Jamil Abu Riala (24 yrs old) from Ash-Shati’ RC

4 Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad Badawi (27 yrs old) from Ash-Shati’ RC

5 Mahmoud Khalil Hassan Abu Harbeed (31 yrs old) from Beit Hanoun

6 Fadia Jaber Jabr Hweij (22 yrs old) from At-Tuffah

7 Mohammad Jaber Jabir Hweij (19 yrs old) from At-Tuffah

8 Nu’man Fadel Salman Hejji (56 yrs old) from Az-Zaytoon

9 Riyad Omar Murjan Radi (24 yrs old) from Gaza

10 Mumtaz Mohammad Ramiz Al-Banna (37 yrs old) from As-Sabra

11 Ahmad Hamdi Yousef Al-Dreimly (26 yrs old) from As-Sabra

12 Faris Ismail Helmi Al-‘Ashy (28 yrs old) from Ar-Remal

13 Naser Mahmoud Mas’oud Hammouda (35 yrs old) from Az-Zaytoon

14 Munir Amin Mas’oud Hammouda (32 yrs old) from Az-Zaytoon

15 Ahmad ‘Adnan Hamdi Hammouda (25 yrs old) from Az-Zaytoon

16 Ibrahim Mahmoud Abdil-Hafith Al-Farra (23 yrs old) from Khan Younis

17 Mohammad Abdel-Karim Ramadan Al-‘Aklouk (24 yrs old) from Jabalia

18 Ali Marwan Ali Abu Rabi’a (21 yrs old) from Ar-Rimal

19 Ra’id Nazmi Mohammad Dughmoush (36 yrs old) from Gaza

20 Munir Mansour Ahmad Isbeita (25 yrs old) from Ash-Shaja’iyyah

21 Deya’a Talal Kamil Al-Habil (22 yrs old) from Ash-Shati’ RC

22 Maysara Hamed Mohammad Bulbul (21 yrs old) from Gaza

23 Nazik Hasan Yasin Abu Rayya (28 yrs old) from Gaza

24 Khamis Mustafa Mahmoud Abu Ramadan (52 yrs old) from Gaza

25 Mahmoud Mtawe’ Mahmoud Al-Khaldi (39 yrs old) from Gaza

26 Mohammad Khamis Hasan Habboush (27 yrs old) from Gaza

27 Shadi Jawad Khalil Qweider (24 yrs old) from Gaza

28 Jihad Ziyad Badawi Al-Gharabli (24 yrs old) from Ash-Shaja’iyyah

29 Mohammad Khamis Mohammad Bakir (21 yrs old) from Ash-Shati’

30 Ahmad Mohammad Nafez Abu Hadayed (21 yrs old) from Khan Younis

31 Rafiq Musa Abu ‘Ujeirim (30 yrs old) from Khan Younis

32 Hannen Wa’il Dhaban (15 yrs old) from Gaza

33 Adham Hamdi Al-‘Udeini (19 yrs old) from Deir Al-Balah

34 Wafa’ Marwan Ali Ad-Dsouqi (18 yrs old) from Khan Younis

35 ‘Allam Nehru Jawdat Ar-Rayyes (18 yrs old) from Gaza

36 Hisham Mohammad Shehada Syam (27 yrs old) from Az-Zaytoon

37 Ehab Abdullah Mohammad Hamdan (21 yrs old) from Gaza

38 Na’im Riziq Hasan Jendeya (27 yrs old) from Ash-Shaja’iyyah

39 Iyad Ziyad Fares Jaber (32 yrs old) from Gaza

40 Diab Rebhi Diab Al-Haddad (20 yrs old) from Gaza

41 Mohammad Tawfiq Mohammad Al-Nemra (22 yrs old) from Gaza

42 Ziyad ‘Adel Mustafa An-Najjar (24 yrs old) from Khan Younis

43 Sa’ad Mohammad ‘Antar Isleem (28 yrs old) from Gaza

44 Mohammad Ziyad Sadiq Al-Nabih (27 yrs old) from Gaza

45 Hatem Khader Mohammad ‘Aiyad (30 yrs old) from Az-Zaytoon

46 Nizar Ibrahim Mohammad Al-Deiry (34 yrs old) from Gaza

47 Mohammad Baker Mohammad Al-Nims (31 yrs old) from Gaza

48 Mohammad Nabil Mohammad Barghouth (28 yrs old) from Az-Zaytoon

49 Mahmoud Mohammad Hilmy Al-‘Amarin (28 yrs old) from Az-Zaytoon

50 Muhannad Hussein Mousa Abu Draz (28 yrs old) from Khan Younis

51 ‘Umar Baker Mousa Shamaly (28 yrs old) from Ash-Shaja’iyyah

52 Abdel-Qader Mohammad Abdel-Qader Diab (33 yrs old) from Gaza

53 Hamed Fou’ad Shehda Abu Yasin (24 yrs old) from Gaza

54 Baha’a Zuheir Abdel Al-Khaldi (26 yrs old) from Gaza

55 Mahmoud Jum’a Mohammad Al-Labban (20 yrs old) from Gaza

56 Yahya Ibrahim Andel-Jawad Duab (30 yrs old) from Az-Zaytoon

57 Yasmin Wa’il Dhaban (17 yrs old) from Gaza

58 Abdel-Hamid Jamal Khaled Al-Sawi (15 yrs old) from Gaza

59 Akram Mohammad Ahmed Abu Zriba (32 yrs old) from Gaza

60 Ramadan Ahmed Ibrahim Abu Kheir (23 yrs old) from Ash-Shati’ RC

61 Adib Hasan Abdel-‘Aziz Abu Harb (32 yrs old) from Ash-Shati’RC

62 Ahmad Hani Ahmad Qannou’a (24 yrs old) from Ash-Shaja’iyyah

63 Salim Khalil Al-Banna (24 yrs old) from Gaza

64 Tha’er Mohammad Hasan Madhi (22 yrs old) from Ash-Shati’ RC

65 Mohammad Sa’adi Mohammad Al-Qatati (30 yrs old) from Az-Zaytoon

66 ‘Aisha Suleiman Hammad Rafi (52 yrs old) from Az-Zaytoon

67 Husam Sa’id Mohammad Syam (27 yrs old) from Ash-Sheikh Radwan

68 Mohammad Ahmad Mahmoud Al-Adgham (25 yrs old) from Ash-Sheikh Radwan

69 Fayez Mohammad Abed Eqteifan (45 yrs old) from Gaza

70 Hammam Mohammad Housa Mohammad An-Najjar (24 yrs old) from Gaza

71 Wisam Abdel-Majid Ibrahim Al-Quqa (27 yrs old) from Ash-Shati’ RC

72 Farouq Fou’ad Mohammad Esleem (21 yrs old) from Ash-Shati’ RC

73 ‘Imad Abdel-Mu’in Abdallah Barbari (22 yrs old) from Gaza

74 Salah Mohammad Saleh Al-Kheiry (23 yrs old) from Ash-Sheikh Radwan

75 Ahmad Mohammad Shreiteh Al-Kurd (35 yrs old) from Beit Lahya

76 Sabri Jebril Sabri Al-Rafati (26 yrs old) from Gaza

77 Amjad Maher Ahmad Mushtaha (28 yrs old) from Ash-Shaja’iyyah

78 Mohammad Amin Mas’oud Hammouda (25 yrs old) from Az-Zaytoon

79 Belal Mohammad Hussein ‘Umar (20 yrs old) from Ash-Shati’ RC

80 Bassam Isa Qasem Al-‘Akkawi (27 yrs old) from Ash-Shaja’iyyah

81 Yahya Ibrahim Farouq Al-Hayek (13 yrs old) from Gaza

82 Mohammad Talal Kamel Al-Habil (20 yrs old) from Ash-Shati’ RC

83 Abdel-Rahman Nizar Zuhdi Shahato (22 yrs old) from Gaza

84 Suhaib Fawzi Salman Abdel-‘Al (28 yrs old) from Gaza

85 Yousif Rafiq Mohammad Al-Deiri (33 yrs old) from Gaza

86 Maher Ismail Diab ‘Azzam (37 yrs old) from Az-Zaytoon

87 Rami Jihad Mohammad Al-Salut (27 yrs old) from Ash-Sheikh Radwan

88 Mohammad Abdel-Qader Mubarak Saleh (26 yrs old) from Jabalia RC

89 Mohammad Abdel-Wahab Abdel-Rahman ‘Aziz (20 yrs old) from Beit Lahya

90 Yahia ‘Awni ‘Awad Mheisen (30 yrs old) from Ash-Shaja’iyyah

91 Hisham Mehru Jawdat Ar-Rayyes (25 yrs old) from Gaza

92 Jamil Nasri Mohammad Abdel-‘Al (28 yrs old) from Gaza

93 Ali Yahia Mohammad Banat (31 yrs old) from Gaza

94 Mansour Yaser Mohammad Al-Turk (29 yrs old) from Gaza

95 Husam Mohammad Hammad Al-Majayda (26 yrs old) from Khan Younis

96 Fayez Fayeq Ahmad Abu Al-Qumsan (20 yrs old) from Jabalia RC

97 Walid Jabr Mohammad Abu Hein (37 yrs old) from Gaza

98 Naser Abdallah Sha’ban Al-Gharra (46 yrs old) from Gaza

99 Mohammad ‘Adnan Salim ‘Attallah (26 yrs old) from Gaza

100 Tal’at Mukhlis Khalaf Basal (19 yrs old) from Gaza

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